San Martín de la Vega (Madrid). 2009






The proposal is built conceptually on two levels of access to suit, by ramps and stairs, to the sloping topography of the street 2 of the Partial Plan, which is proposed as the main access to the set generated by releasing the two end zones, which are connected by a narrow band of the slope that is generated parallel to the M- 506 and serves as a protective barrier around the joint. In this way the two platforms created house two underground floors, as well as allowing the location of an area of ​​common facilities (child care, office administration and control and surveillance and toilets) located in the central advantage of the difference set dimension of 3.50 meters generated between them.


The proposed set has a total of 34 showcase warehouse arranged either longitudinally or transversely to the plots , either forming modules of six on both platforms, resulting in a wide wealth of both routes and internal communications, as well as visual, and versatility for pooled in either case. Each one of them consists of three floors, first floor, ground floor and basement - communicated internally by means of a ladder, the first two with commercial and accessed from any of the two platforms above ground, and the last , with warehouse use and toilet with access from one of the two underground floors previews.


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