Multipurpose Building I+D+i. USAL

Salamanca. 2010


Client: EDHINOR S.A.


Investment: 3,500,000 €


The site on which it plans to build the reference building is located in the town of Salamanca and adapted to an ordination in open apple . It is situated in an urban consolidated between walls, with two of its facades in contact with adjacent properties. It has a regular polygonal shape and almost flat topography. It has two entrances, one from the Espejo Street and the other from the Paseo de San Vicente.


The program needs at the request of the property is suited to a program of building for research, development and innovation in ground floor, first and second. The two basement floors are intended for garage.


Central Services Administration, cytometry, service of dating, characterization laboratory, a couple of classrooms and an auditorium will be located on ground floor. On the first floor will be located seminars, classrooms, school science and technology, service and stable isotope mass spectrometry. On the second floor will be located computer services, infrastructure and communication support area teaching, CPDel, communal areas, digital production, digital video production, ambient intelligence area and the institute of technology and communication.

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