Administration Building


Tarragona. 2011




Investment: 4,000,000 €


Given the nature of the plot, its location, planning regulations and the assumptions set out in the draft, we propose an L -shaped building following the official line. It has been proposed to meet the following objectives: Create a green lung within the plot and involve it into the building. Enter, as if it were a hinge, an interior atrium that will help the articulation between the different plants, in addition to promoting the exchange of energy and bioclimatic performance of the building. Swelling inside the building within the volume defined by the ordinance forming an integrated whole with the rest of the buildings that make up the block, through the introduction of double height and courtyards.


Maintaining alignment outside facade create a folded inner skin at various points which allows ample space that is wrapped inside of the building volume.

Getting a building stone appearance and continues, however, very pierced with large share of the light in the creation of the interior spaces, creating different views of outer space according to the user's position.




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