SIEMCALSA Administration Building


Boecillo (Valladolid). 2011




Investment: 1,700,000 €


The surroundings of the building (Boecillo Technology Park in Valladolid and pinewood which sits) influence decisions starting the project, as it chooses to respect existing vegetation by placing a low profile building under this premise.


The building responds to a functional approach, differing uses by floors: On the entrance floor are located the largest number of firms while the management area is located on the first floor. The ring around the courtyards circulation enables good communication between all offices allowing natural light all the spaces. These courts to pierce the plant allowing the extension of the interior space through cross view and control of indoor air by cross ventilation. Furthermore deciduous vegetation of the courtyards also provides moisture to the air when it is used to vent, protecting from excessive sunlight in summer, allowing its use in winter.


The interest in building a sustainable and efficient building led the team of architects to investigate the use of renewable energy and, in particular, for geothermal HVAC system, whose implementation could run partially own promoter, which made ​​it more rapidly redeemable.

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