Nursery and Primary School


Zaratán (Valladolid). 2010


Client: EDHINOR S.A.


Investment: 3,500,000 €


The proposal seeks to reduce the execution times and the optimization of the available economic resources.


It guarantees a very simple geometric structure staking, eliminating intermediate pillars with gates in general separated 7.95 m. made with precast beams forming parallel bays in which slabs will be suported. This solution allows to speed up the construction to get workshop industrialize and prepare all the structural elements of the building, with consequent benefits in reducing the preparation time prior to the delivery of the structural elements (columns, elements of floor slabs, finials, etc...).


In the same way that has been done with the structure, also has sought the industrialization and standardization of facade panels. To do so, has been rethinking enclosure panels, respecting the draft design and adapting it to the proposed construction system that allows the vertical ventilation of the chamber, maximizing, in turn, both the substructure employed as finishing material starting, thereby eliminating waste and optimizing economic resources available, reducing the cost of building that benefits the rest of the work.

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