Hell´s Restaurant


Valladolid. 2013


Client: Leading American Food S.L.




At the heart of Valladolid, in the center of the old town, this historic listed building whose character and position with superb views towards the Cathedral, led to the idease this project.


Merged the first floor, which was destined to housing, with local ground and went to this new restaurant space. To be able to generate a unique space, upper slab was drilled creating a gap that allows flow space. The ladder is based on a longitudinal brick wall and both form the centerpiece of a New York scenery, evoking the facades of the buildings in the Big Apple with its typical fire escapes. The mezzanine, created to house the toilets, power front this idea as it brings up the dining space downstairs and to recreate the scene.


This scenery is also enhanced with the introduction of Vintage style, with the use of industrial materials and finishes reminiscent of typical loft Yorkers: visible vent pipe steel, wood on floors, exposed brick, beams empresilladas iron with screws seen, the slab of wood with ceramic cankerworm seen several models mixing retro furniture, custom designed .

© GEO2 Arquitectura, 2013