Aesthetic Center "Masschic"


Valladolid. 2012


Client: Massana. Aesthetic Medical Centers




In the historic centre of Valladolid, in a small building between party walls, is received by the promoter commissioned the drafting of the Basic project and execution of a single-family house with consultation of nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine and alternative medicines. Building has a protection rating of P4a pursuant to current urban development regulations (Special Plan of the town historic Valladolid). As result of this circumstance, prior to the construction of the projected building proceeded to the stabilization of the main facade and the demolition of the interior of the existing building incompatible with proposed new use and distribution, as a result of the severe deterioration of structural, functional and facilities presenting.


It is projected, therefore clinical aesthetics in height, where the curved stairway connecting the levels has a large presence of unifying space and giving it character. At the same time, creates an interior façade behind the protected exterior facade which allows modular facade that independently, adapting it to new uses and unifying the space occupied by the clinic inside the building.

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