San Martín de la Vega (Madrid). 2009






The building volume that arises is generated in order to accommodate a 3-star hotel, anticipating its possible extension to 4 stars in the future, with the use of a modular system that allows the expansion of capacity and services of the hotel. For this we have paid particular attention to the location of all the units of service that allow the operation of the building, placing them in an extreme position in the initial approach, and that at the time of its expansion, would occupy a central position with respect to the proposed set. Have also been studied with particular intention interior routes and the relationship between the various spaces created, so that both the initial approach, as in its future enlargement are most appropriate .


All previous starting assumptions are reflected in the solution arises: a unique hotel built in the environment of outer space takes over opening up to him. The set is easily generated and maintained access accessibility, both external and internal, secured parking for users, having paid special attention to creating appropriate and enjoyable spaces without losing sight of the human scale .




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