Health Center "Soria Norte"


Soria. 2010


Client: Junta de Castilla y León


Investment: 8,500,000 €


Given the nature of the plot, its environment and the functional requirements, we propose a building compound that meets the needs of the functional plan organization. The proposed program has four distinct functional areas, three of which have a completely independent character, being used by different users at different times. Starting from this premise, we derive the volume of the building that are generated as independent volumes showing its operation.


The resulting image of the building is characterized by his silhouette . The building height power the breaking yards. The envelope responds to the content . A tape of GRC , supported on a glass base to deny treaty the weight of the building that rises above it, wrapping around the building spaces and collecting glass and protected areas with vertical slats on the walls that open the waiting rooms and ventilated facades collecting metal panels in those bands where zones are located queries. All these elements make up a building with a character according to its use and the environment.

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