Health Center "Laguna II"


Laguna de Duero (Valladolid). 2010


Client: Junta de Castilla y León


Investment: 4,357,136 €


The implementation mechanism is elementary. The construction closes its two side walls and visually opens to the park across the same, creating, in turn, gardens intermediate between the two, which are interspersed with the building itself, sitting areas, which are added to the areas external pedestrian, and a entrance courtyard to both the main lobby as Continuing Care area.


The building, two stories high, is built on the ground floor as comb. The longitudinal movement in this plant, distributes, on the one hand, to different primary care areas become independent from each others. Each consists of consultation and waiting rooms - that appropriate open courtyards arranged between the different zones, allowing, in turn , independence and privacy from the outside. And secondly, to the area of Administrative Support, Services areas and Continuing Care area, the latter with a separate entrance. And on the first floor are located the General Medical Consultations and Versatile. In this plant, the waiting rooms are integrated into single longitudinal space in front of each one of the queries, it also articulates the necessary internal movement, and has park views amplitude versus Health Center, at the same time with overhead lighting.

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