Health Center "San Emiliano de Babia"


San Emiliano (León). 2009


Client: Junta de Castilla y León


Investment: 1,600,000 €


Given the nature of the plot and situation, it poses a low profile building, and so extensive, friendly character, closer to citizens, avoiding unnecessary complex images and looking certain proximity .


The implementation mechanism is elementary. A longitudinal body, respecting the right of way that will provide access to future Civil Guard barracks, two stories high, and which in its first floor are located primary care consultations - with the exception of pediatrics, that ease of access are provided on the ground floor- , and on the ground floor, to the left access, multipurpose unit, and a rectangular one floor above ground, which houses the Continuing Care unit and administrative support area. The optimal zoning allows autonomous operation of primary care on the one hand, and the emergency zone, on the other , telling each with independent access , and administrative area disposed therebetween. The scheme appear clear to the user avoiding disorientation: functionality and efficiency are the first intentions.

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