San Martín de la Vega (Madrid). 2008






The proposal is built conceptually on two levels of access that are tailored to each of the two stages of implementation of the complex: Phase 1 includes the clubhouse, restaurant and the space for two mobile tents , and phase 2, includes whole - building sports facilities which includes an indoor swimming pool and spa and fitness center, 2 outdoor swimming pools, 8 tennis courts, 6 paddle courts, 2 beach volleyball courts and a shooting gallery. Both phases are developed on two different topographic levels, and that place buildings and spaces included in Phase 1, in the gazebo that is generated as a result of the difference in height, on sports equipment and facilities, and allows, negative formalized under vacuum, the location of a basement with multipurpose use for restaurant service and costumes of the outdoor swimming pools.


The entire complex has easy access and accessibility, both exterior and interior of the buildings and sports facilities, secure parking for the user and intended for a large number of public inner, having paid special attention to creating appropriate spaces and pleasant without losing sight of the human scale.

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