Circus Museum


Albacete. 2011




Investment: 4,000,000 €


The proposal raises derived by combining the needs of a very conservative commitment to house the National Museum of the Circus in compliance with a strict program of uses and circulation. Based on these assumptions , the old building assumes representative functions besides host and those related to cultural heritage and activities appropriate to the Circus Museum .


Accordingly different strategies have been proposed: The increase in built below ground. Leverage existing flat roofs incorporating exterior spaces of the museum as seating areas and areas that allow fluff multipurpose uses within the building. Compatibility of uses by the position of the parts and materials that limit them. Retain the most representative of the building for it, even with the proposed use change, continue to maintain its character, such as the operating room, perimeter runners linked to it and armored box that sits at level 0. We propose to maintain the central position of the staircase and character to the input sequence is performed the same way as before the reform and change of use.

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