Church Rehabilitation Cevico Navero


Cevico Navero (Palencia). 2013


Client: Junta de Castilla y León.


Investment: 600,000 €


In the twelfth century, built the present parish church, with his first dedicated to St. Mary. His early Romanesque architecture is transitional between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Built in cerratena limestone, features a basilica plant with three naves and apse triple header. Both the central apse as the gospel side kept Roman remains still evident. The first was rebuilt in late Gothic era, adapting a polygonal angle buttresses and maintaining Romanesque semicircular part of the facing . The epistle , facing retains all its original interior and is covered with furnace roof, separated from the wall by a line of fascia decorated with switchbacks wave.


The field of action covers the entire building, in its outer envelope and interior enclosures and the environment that gives you access. The work to be done to tackle the above objectives are, in general terms: cleaning, restoration and protection of masonry wall, structural repairs and xylophages treatment, repair of decks, fences adequacy, floorings, lighting and environmental suitability.

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